Butters + Lotions

Our #010 | Body Butter is Nature's Prescription for Protecting + Moisturizing Dry Skin.  Our therapeutic blend of Organic Butters, Oils, Plant-Derived Liquids, Powders, Extracts, Resins + Dried Ground Herbs instantly hydrates & revitalizes dry, dull + irritated skin.  Made with Shea, Cupuacu, Ucuuba, Jojoba, Kokum + Avocado Butter, this highly concentrated product contains no added water, yet is non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores), lightweight + lasts all done once applied.


Our #020 | Hand + Body Lotions are Natural lightweight moisturizers that Restore Balance to Oily + Combination Skin & Help to Prevent Acne, Excessive Shine + other Skin Conditions that Arise from Oily Skin.  With continued use it Rejuvenates Damaged + Scarred Skin.