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We Strive to Empower Others Through Our Craft.

There are many ways to become involved with what we do.  Also, if you have skills to offer, other than what is listed Below, feel free to Contact Us by Phone or send an email to

Do you LOVE our Brand or Organic Skincare in General?  Are you a Born Hustler or Motivated Entrepreneur?  Broke College Student Looking for Some Extra Cash? Bloggers + Influencers?

We’re Always Looking for Independent Contractors to Sell Our Products at Farmer’s Markets, Art Walks, Flea Markets + Other Venues.  We Offer EXTREMELY GENEROUS Profit Share + Equity Sharing for our Best Performing Contractors. Interested?  Then please Contact Us by Phone or send an email to

Would You Like to Carry Our Products in Your Store?

We have a simple Wholesale Program for anyone interested in carrying our line of products. In order to take advantage of our wholesale discount, we require a minimum purchase of 10 units of each product, if purchasing more than one product.

If wholesalers are interested in only one product, we offer a wholesale discount for a minimum of 25 units. For more information about becoming a Wholesaler Contact Us by Phone or send an email to

Are you a Farm Owner or Do You Know Where we can Score some Raw Materials?

We never have enough Raw Materials—Like Seriously, it keeps Me up at Night.  If you are a Producer or if you know Someone who makes High Quality Essential Oils, Floral Water, Nut Butters or other Organic Goods, HOLLA AT US!! We will pay you a referral fee.  Don't be Stingy!  Contact Us by Phone or send an email to .