The Benefits of Black Soap

Why is everyone so excited about Black Soap?

Black Soap Face + Body Wash

How It's Made

Traditionally, Black Soap is Hand Crafted by Women in West African Villages, using a Traditional Method. Ingredients like Shea, Cocoa Seeds/Pods + Plantain are Encased in a Plantain Leaf. A Fat, Traditionally Palm Oil, is added to the Mixture + the Mixture is Set on Fire in a Controlled process. The Ash from Palm Leaves or "Potash" Saponifies the Soap

Black Soap for Skin

Black Soap is a Gentle Pure Glycerine Soap. It treats Dry Skin, Soothes Eczema Rashes + Irritation. The Plantain contains Enzymes that + treat Acne + Blemishes. It also Tones Dark Spots, Exfoliates + Rejuvenates Skin.

Hair Care

Black Soap is Great for the Entire Body. When used on Hair, it Prevents Dandruff + Scalp Irritation.


Black Soap often contains ingredients such as Plantain, Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Plantain Skin Ashes + Palm Oil.

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