How It All Began

Hi Guys:

I used to be an ashy girl. My skin was always dry + breaking out, until someone introduced me to Shea Butter at a Farmer’s Market.  It worked like a charm! I was hooked, but then I ran out and went to the Supermarket looking for something similar.  I couldn’t find anything that didn’t list WATER as the first ingredient + it hit me that I’d been rubbing WATER + chemicals into my skin—NO WONDER I was ashy + I also thought “NO WONDER people are getting Cancer + other ailments from skincare products—It’s all water-soluble chemicals.

I started making lotions after that, but I was always tweaking my formula, adding something new, never quite getting it right.  THEN I delved into the World of Premium Organic Skincare. Not going to lie, for about $50-$70/Month, I was finding a few that worked really well for me so I came to find, that the markup on these products was ridiculous. I decided to find a cheaper + better for me to make my own lotion.

Once I discovered Jojoba, I realized that we’re going about skincare all wrong. Jojoba is 98% identical to the skin’s own natural sebum, which is why it works so well. Why are we always trying to conquer, overcome or even understand Nature? Why not just imitate it? So, armed with Jojoba + Shea, I set out to find Nature’s prescription for everything Skin Related. Combining the Analytical Elements of my Personality with my Artistic Skills, I teamed up with my best friend and we started the Nok Apothecary in 2010.  We were both Mathematics Students at the University of Southern CA + we wanted to create a line of Natural, food-based skincare products that appealed to both visual and tactile senses.

My Friend moved on to Bigger + Better things (go Anil!!) + I continue to create Nok Products as a ‘special treat’ for your skin, hair and body, using 5 basic ingredients: Organic Butters, Oils, Plant-Derived Liquids, Powders and Extracts, Resins and Dried Ground Herbs.