What is Squalene Oil?


Olive-Derived Squalene Oil

Squalene is an Oil which is produced naturally by the Body + Deteriorates over Time, as we Age. It has small, heavy molecules that Permeate the Skin more deeply + rapidly than other moisturizers. It is also a Powerful Anti-Oxidant and a Natural Antibiotic + helps to Protect Against UV Damage.

Squalene + Rosehip Face Serum

Benefits of Squalene Oil

- Non-Comedogenic
- Safe for Sensitive + Mature Skin
- Increases Moisture + Skin Elasticity
- Reduces Fine Lines + Wrinkles
- Antioxidant
- Intercepts Free Radicals
- Decreases Collagen Loss
- Lightens Scars, Discoloration + Dark Spots

Squalene + Moringa Facial Serum

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