Rose Hip + Squalene Serum | FACE - The Nok Apothecary
Rose Hip + Squalene Serum | FACE - The Nok Apothecary

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Rose Hip + Squalane Serum | FACE

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Squalene Facial Serum

An Anti-Aging Serum of Squalane, Rose Hip Seed + Bulgarian Rose Absolute Oils.

For All Skin Types including Sensitive, Aging or Damaged Skin.
Nourishing Dry Oil Face Serum for Combating Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Discoloration + Scarring. Brightens + Tones Skin, while increasing Moisture + Elasticity.
Virgin Cold Pressed + Unrefined Rose Hip Seed Oil is extracted from the seed of the Chilean Rose Bush. A deeply penetrative moisturizer, high in Retinol + Essential Fatty Acids which help to regenerate the skin + diminish the visible appearance of scars, fine lines + wrinkles. A natural source of Vitamin C which corrects discoloration + improves overall skin tone.
Benefits: Hydrates + Rejuvenates Skin | Reduces Fine Lines + Wrinkles | Fades Age Spots, Discoloration, Scars + Stretch Marks | Treats Scars + Burns | Rich in Vitamin C to Brighten + Tone | Anti-Inflammatory + Anti-Oxidant
Squalene Oil | Sq is Olive-Derived Squalene Oil: Squalene is an Oil which is produced naturally by the Body + Deteriorates over Time, as we Age. It has small, heavy molecules that Permeate the Skin more deeply + rapidly than other moisturizers. It is also a Powerful Anti-Oxidant and a Natural Antibiotic + helps to Protect Against UV Damage.
Benefits: Non-Comedogenic | Safe for Sensitive + Mature Skin | Increases Moisture + Skin Elasticity | Reduces Fine Lines + Wrinkles | Antioxidant Properties Intercept Free Radicals | Decreases Collagen Loss | Lightens Scars, Discoloration + Dark Spots
Rose Absolute Oilis vapor-distilled from the Petals of the Bulgarian Damask Rose. It contains 100s of aromatic + therapeutic compounds + has been used for centuries to moisturize, tone + protect the skin from wrinkles, fine lines + other visible sign of aging. It is high in Vitamin A as well as Antioxidants + a deep emollient for moisturizing dry skin. It strengthens + tones aging skin, heals wounds + decreases visible scars + discoloration.
Benefits: High in Anti-Oxidants to Reduce Visible Signs of Aging + Wrinkles | Anti-Inflammatory - Soothes Dry, Sensitive, Mature Skin + Rosacea | A Natural Astringent - Cleans + Refines Pores | Antiseptic + Anti-Bacterial Properties Reduce Acne.
Colloidal Gold is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce inflammation, which is a cause of acne and hyper pigmentation.
Benefits: Our Food-Grade 24k Gold acts as a filter making make your complexion look more tinted + highlighted.