Yellow Rose + White Sage Herb Bundle | Smudge Stick

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Yellow Rose + White Sage Herb Bundle | Smudge Stick

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Yellow Rose + White Sage Herb Bundle

4" Smudge Stick

White Sage is an Herb, Typically Associated with Cleansing People, Places and Objects of Negative Energy 

Rose Petals are Typically Associated with Love + Wisdom 

Suggested Practice for Smudging:

1. Express Gratitude to the Herbs 

2. Give Thanks to those who came before you for their Wisdom + Teachings

3. Set an Intention for your Practice.

4. Briefly set the Smudge Bundle on Fire, then waft the smoke over A Person, Object or Space.

What is Smudging?

Smudging is the Practice of Burning Herbs, Roots, Woods, Spices, Resins + Incense

Did you know that the Indigenous Smudge Ceremony represents the Transition of Life Through the Four Elements: Water, Earth, Fire + Air? The Herbs are lit in a Sea Shell to Represent the Element of Water. The Element of Earth is Represented by the Herbs themselves, Fire is Represented by the Burning of the Herbs, and finally, The Element of Air is Represented by the Smoke that the Burning Bundle Produces.