Jojoba + Coconut Oil Hair Growth Balm | 045 - The Nok Apothecary
Jojoba + Coconut Oil Hair Growth Balm | 045 - The Nok Apothecary

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Jojoba + Coconut Oil Hair Growth Balm | 045

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Jojoba + Coconut Oil Hair Balm | 045
Jojoba joins forces with Unrefined Coconut Oil + Essential Oils to Maximize Hair Growth while Strengthening Dry, Brittle or Damaged Hair.
Unclogs Hair Follicles + Revives Bleached or Color Damaged Hair.

Customize this Balm by adding Castor Oil!
Jojoba Hair Balm | 045 is a Vegan Hair Balm of Shea + Jojoba Butters.
This Balm Treats Damaged Hair + Helps to Grow Healthy Hair. It Unclogs Hair Follicles, Prevents Baldness + Encourages Hair Growth.
Repair is a blend of Lavender, Rosemary + Mint Essential Oils. Lavender, Rosemary + Peppermint are part of the mint family, which are known to stimulate Hair Growth.
Rosemary Oil: Treats Dry, Flaky Scalps, Stimulates Follicles, Slows Down Hair Loss, Nourishes Scalp + Removes Dandruff.
Mint Oil: Stimulates Scalp, Increasing Blood Flow + Promoting Regrowth. Soothes Dry, Flaky Scalp + Removes Dandruff.
Coconut Oil has smaller Molecules than other oils. This allows Coconut Oil to Penetrate deep into the Hair Shaft + prevents Protein Loss.
Benefits: Promotes Re-Growth of Damaged Hair | Protects Hair from Damage when applied during Coloring/Bleaching | Decreases Dryness + Prevents Dandruff
Shea Butter is Derived from the Nut of the Karite Tree. "Karite" means "Tree Of Life" due to the Healing properties of Shea.
Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair: Conditions Hair + Scalp | When used for Natural Hair Styles, it Prevents Hair Loss due to Traction Alopecia | It also Protects Hair from Sun + UV Damage.
Jojobais a desert plant & the only other living thing other than our skin that contains Wax Esters. Our skin is 30% wax esters. The Jojoba bean is 50% wax esters. These wax esters unclogs hair follicles thus preventing baldness + promoting hair regrowth.
Unrefined Vitellaria Paradoxa [Shea] Seed Butter, Organic Unrefined Cocos Nucifera [Coconut] Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba] Butter, Cedrus Deodora [Cedarwood] Bark Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus [Clove] Bud Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia [Lavender] Oil, Mentha Piperita [Peppermint] Oil+ Rosmarinus Officinalis [Rosemary] Herb Oil