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Whipped Shea + Jojoba Butter + Monoi Oil | Sjo 01

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Monoi Whipped Shea + Jojoba Butter | Sjo 01
Unrefined, Fair Trade Shea Butter + 100% Organic Wildcrafted Jojoba Butter X Coconut Oil Infused With Tahitian Gardenia Flowers

A combination of Unrefined She Butter + Jojoba, an excellent, yet lightweight + noncomedogenic moisturizer.
Shea Butter is Derived from the Nut of the Karite Tree. "Karite" means "Tree Of Life" due to the Healing properties of Shea.
Heals Dry, Rough or Cracked Skin | Decreases Wrinkles, Stretch Marks + Blemishes | Treats Sunburn, Frost Bite, Rashes + Eczema
Jojoba is a desert plant + the only other living thing other than our skin that contains Wax Esters. Our skin is 30% wax esters. The Jojoba bean is 50% wax esters. It is rich in Antioxidants + Vitamin E which protect against free radicals + UV damage, thereby decreasing signs of premature aging. It is anti-bacterial + rich in iodine to help treat + prevent acne, blackheads + pimples. Reduces inflammation from Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis + Other Skin Conditions
Tahitian Gardenia Flowers Pressed in Coconut Oil
Vitellaria Paradoxa [Shea] Seed Butter, Simmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba] Butter, Cocos Nucifera [Coconut] Fruit Oil, Gardenia Taitensis [Monoi] Flower Extract.