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Nigerian Nsukka Chilli Peppers

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Ose Nsukka, the only yellow pepper in tropical Africa, which grows only in the Nsukka area of Enugu State.

The Nsukka yellow pepper [Capsicum Chinense Nsukkadrilus] is a food condiment with a difference. This is because nutritional experts say it is rich in vitamins. The yellow pepper is also unique and distinctively peculiar to Nsukka geographical location and is reputed as the only yellow pepper in tropical Africa.

It's natural aroma coupled with the beautiful bright yellow colouration remains irre̴sistable as it usually keeps one salivating, especially when fresh. It has been said that most house wives, particularly the Eastern part of the country prefer Ose Nsukka to any other type in the market.
100% Wild Crafted Capsicum Chinense Nsukkadrilus